Detalhes de um compromisso criado

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idThe ID of an object
dbIdIdentifies the primary key from the database.
nameCommitment name
descriptionCommitment description
datestart date of commitment
timetime of commitment
dateEndstart date of commitment
timeEndtime of commitment
noConfirmNo confirmation = 1
colorNo confirmation = 1
dateLimitlimit of the date
notifyAtDate to notify users to confirm commitment
videocallTypeType video call commitment
videocallLinkLink video call commitment
lengthevent duration in days
currentDaywich day of the event is today
pendingMessage associated
expiredDate limit has passed
messageIdMessage associated
entityIdEntity who created
userIdUser who created
repeatsIf commitment has repetitions
messageMessage with commitment
organizationOrganization of commitment
entityOrganization of commitment
userOrganization of commitment
summarySummary of commitment
remindsthe commitment remind
entitiesentities that commitment was sent
groupsthe commitment remind
schedulesCommitment related schedules
createdAn ISO-8601 encoded UTC date string of when record was created
modifiedAn ISO-8601 encoded UTC date string of when record was updated
deletedAn ISO-8601 encoded UTC date string of when record was deleted
keyRandom ID to differentiate from others
selectedHelper field for clients
highlightedHelper field for clients
expandedHelper field for clients
loadedHelper field for clients
loadingHelper field for clients