A way to modify server-side data

Create, Update and Delete

If you have an API endpoint that alters data, like inserting data into a database or altering data already in a database, you have a Mutation. Just like in queries, if the mutation field returns an object type, you can ask for nested fields. This can be useful for fetching the new state of object after update.

      organizationId: 1,
      type: "STUDENT",
      fullname: "ANAKIN SKYWALKER"
    entity {
"data": {
  "entity": {
      "id": 1443,
      "fullname": "ANAKIN SKYWALKER",

All Mutations

createAddressCreate an address associated with an entity
updateAddressUpdate an address attributes associated with an entity
deleteAddressDelete an address associated with an entity
createApplicationCreate an application to making resource requests on behalf of the user with the user's authorization.
updateApplicationUpdate an application attributes
deleteApplicationDelete an application
createCommitmentCreate a commitment's attributes
updateCommitmentUpdate a commitment's attributes
deleteCommitmentDelete a commitment
createCommitmentRemindCreate a reminder to specific commitment
createConfirmAddressGenerate code, save and send
confirmAddressConfirm email or phone with code
createCoverCreate a cover for an organization
deleteCoverDelete a cover from an organization
createDeviceCreate user's device specification
deleteDeviceDelete user's device specification
createEntityCreate an entity in a organization
updateEntityUpdate an entity's attributes
deleteEntityDelete an entity and also from organization
importEntityImport an entity to organization
createGroupCreate a group in organization
updateGroupUpdate a group's attributes
deleteGroupDelete a group
createLogoCreate a logo for an organization
deleteLogoDelete a logo from an organization
createMediaCreate a media
createMessageDraftCreate a message draft
updateMessageDraftUpdate a message draft
deleteMessageDraftDelete a message draft
createMessageCreate a message
updateMessageUpdate a message
deleteMessageSoft delete a message
createReactionCreate a reaction to a message
deleteReactionDelete a reaction
clearAllNotificationsClear all user's notification
createOrganizationCreate an organization
updateOrganizationUpdate organization's attributes
deleteOrganizationDelete an organization
createPictureCreate a picture for an entity
deletePictureDelete an picture from an entity
updateRecipientUpdate the recipient attributes
createReplyCreate a reply message
updateReplyUpdate the status from a reply message
createReportFieldCreate a field for a report
updateReportFieldUpdate a field from a report
deleteReportFieldDelete a field from a report
createReportCreate a report
updateReportUpdate a report
deleteReportDelete a report
createRoleCreate a role
deleteRoleDelete a role
updateSurveyUpdate a survey attributes
deleteSurveyDelete a survey
createSurveyResultCreate a survey result
createTagCreate a Tag for an organization
updateTagUpdate attributes from tag
deleteTagDelete tag from organization
createUserEntityCreate user and entity association
deleteUserEntityDelete user and entity association
createUserEntityTagCreate user, entity and tag association
deleteUserEntityTagDelete user, entity and tag association
createUserCreate an user
updateUserUpdate attribute from user
deleteUserDelete user
authorizeApplicationAuthorize application with
passwordAuthenticateLogin user based on password
codeAuthenticateLogin user based on code
refreshTokenAuthenticateLogin user based on refresh token
findApplicationLookup an application by clientId
findUserLookup a user by email or phone, send code if found
findUsersList of all users
findOrganizationLookup an organization by username
findOrganizationsList of all organizations