Consulta a partir de uma credencial - access_token

POST at this target:


accessTokenUser access token


idThe ID of an object
dbIdIdentifies the primary key from the database.
emailUser's email
phoneUser's phone
fullnameUse's fullname
languageLanguage preference
tzOffsetThe time zone offset from UTC
emailNtfUser can be notify by e-mail
phoneNtfUser can be notify by phone
webNtfUser can be notify by web
ntfAnnouncementCan notify current viewer when there are announcements
ntfMessageCan notify when someone sends current viewer a message
ntfCommitmentRemindCan notify when current viewer has pending commitments
ntfReplyCan notify when someone replies to current viewer's message
ntfSurveyCan notify when someone responds current viewer's survey
ntfCommitmentCan notify when someone confirms current viewer's commitment
ntfUnreadCan notify when current viewer has unread messages
codeUser oauth code to recover password
shortnameUser shotname
hasPasswordHas password
confirmEmailIf user confirm email
confirmPhoneIf user confirm phone number
entitiesUser has many entities
addressesUser has many addresses
invitationsUser has many invitations
applicationsUser has many applications
oauthProviderCurrent oauth provider tokens for user
oauthProvidersUser has many oauth
devicesUser has many devices
tagsUser has many tags
messageDraftsMessage drafts that belongs to entity
notificationsUser has many notifications
organizationsAll organizations user belongs to
createdAn ISO-8601 encoded UTC date string of when record was created
modifiedAn ISO-8601 encoded UTC date string of when record was updated
deletedAn ISO-8601 encoded UTC date string of when record was deleted
keyRandom ID to differentiate from others
selectedHelper field for clients
highlightedHelper field for clients
expandedHelper field for clients
loadedHelper field for clients
loadingHelper field for clients