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Centralized Communication

ClassApp has the most effective approaches to engage the School and Parents to use our App, this way we empower our clients to replace the email and social medias to reach the parents.

Reading Rate

The ClassApp platform generate to the developers or others companies to build an integration easily and enjoy the greater Reading Rate.

Automate to Scale

Integrate with ClassApp brings the opportunity to do more with less, SCALE! Automate the most common flows of your company and attach value to all clients at once.

Meet our partners, they are engaged to innovate and make simple to merge their Software with ClassApp.

A recurring business managed by a transactional ERP is a waste of time and a lot of money. ERP was born traditional to be transactional. But not the Superlogic. We were born with a business proposition for the new economy of recurrence. Only those who have this vision can make the most of such a business. More

Vemprotec Inform√°tica, located in Campinas-SP, has been active in the educational market since 2008, offering safe and integrated administrative and pedagogical management solutions. Our School Administration model keeps its Institution at the technological forefront by offering employees, parents and students the certainty that they are receiving secure and accurate information in real time. Our implementation process includes adaptations of modules for each institution profile, with immediate start of use. More

Prima is the developer company of the software line SophiA, with technological solutions for the management of educational institutions, free course schools, libraries and non-bibliographic collections More

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